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From Barstow to Victorville February 4, 2006

Posted by Ron Warnick in Attractions, Web sites.

Ace Jackalope of The Lope blog has posted more excellent photos from his Route 66 trip through the Mojave Desert, including the incredible bottle tree ranch near Oro Grande, Calif.

We met the proprieter of the bottle tree ranch in September. He was friendly, but he also was in mourning because he had to put down his beloved dog. Just a few days before we met him, he built a very nice and moving memorial to the canine near the front of his property.


1. Ace's driver - February 8, 2006

Thanks for your inclusion of our humble journey. The bottle place is terribly undocumented; did the gentleman comment as to his inspiration for making it?
We also believe it is under-rated, living as it does, in the shadow of Hula Ville. Don’t get me wrong, I loved basking in the remnants of Mahan’s effort, but the place (needs a name, doesn’t it?) near Oro Grande is alive, growing and beautiful in the open sun.

2. Ron - February 8, 2006

Actually, the bottle tree farm is well-known in Route 66 circles. It was the cover story of Route 66 Magazine, about a year ago, I believe. I think it also was featured in the Route 66 Federation News.

I don’t recall asking the man about what started the bottle tree. I think he’s just an aging hippy who needed a creative outlet. We just shot the bull for a spell and didn’t pry too much, since he was still mourning for his dog.

3. Malynda Fenstermaker - December 28, 2008

We visited Elmer in late September and talked about setting a geocache on his property. He was very friendly and showed us some of his favorite pieces. We even posed for some French tourists during our visit. This beautiful example of folk art almost made me feel better for the afternoon- I was mourning the loss of the neighboring Potopov place, a landmark my husband and I used to pass on our many sightseeing adventures during our high school years.

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