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Details on the “Cars” movie soundtrack April 26, 2006

Posted by Ron Warnick in Movies, Music.

MonstersandCritics.com has the dibs on what music will be on the upcoming "Cars" soundtrack. We've previously given a few details about who's performing on it, including score composer Randy Newman, James Taylor and Sheryl Crow. Below is the full track listing:

  • "Real Gone," Sheryl Crow
  • "Route 66," Chuck Berry
  • "Life Is a Highway," Rascal Flatts
  • "Behind the Clouds," Brad Paisley
  • "Our Town," James Taylor
  • "Sh-Boom," The Chords
  • "Route 66," John Mayer
  • "Find Yourself," Brad Paisley
  • "Opening Race" (score)
  • "McQueen`s Lost" (score)
  • "My Heart Would Know," Hank Williams
  • "Bessie" (score)
  • "Dirt Is Different" (score)
  • "New Road" (score)
  • "Tractor Tipping" (score)
  • "McQueen and Sally" (score)
  • "Goodbye" (score)
  • "Pre-Race Pageantry" (score)
  • "The Piston Cup" (score)
  • "The Big Race" (score)

I'm all over a soundtrack that has both Chuck Berry and Hank Williams.

The CD will be in stores June 6, three days before the movie opens wide.


1. aminah - June 19, 2006

Great movie – adult oriented one liners hilarious. Soundtrack sounds worth having. Will see it again as I really enjoy anything to do with cars -especially racing cars.

2. Anonymous - June 30, 2006

Loved the movie I saw the movie again

3. Anonymous - July 23, 2006

Cracking movie.. loved it…. what was the tune one of the modded cars played to send mack the truck off to sleep?

4. Ron - July 23, 2006

It’s “Songbird” by Kenny G. Don’t ask me why I know this.😉

iRON - July 5, 2010

thank u pal i was wondering that too.

5. Trex - July 28, 2006

no, it’s “Going Home”

6. Ismene - July 30, 2006

I loved it so much that i watched it twice and for some odd reason was able to memorize almost all the lines!!

7. marc - October 5, 2006

bougt the soundtrack and it’s missing a song. “what i want” not sure who sings it. anybody know?

8. Ben - December 6, 2006

What was the song the modded cars were playing when racing down the freeway?

Susan Sofia-McIntire - September 5, 2010

What was the song the modded cars were playing when racing down the freeway? I’ve been need to know it’s awesome… does anyone have ethe artist?

9. Rick - December 11, 2006

What was the rap song (name & artist) the modded cars were playing when racing down the freeway?

10. bob - December 22, 2006

^i was wondering too

11. Joe - December 23, 2006

stop asking it’s called Rollin in the rearview by Jabu u cant get it from anywhere but here http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=74631899

12. indy - December 29, 2006

Top movie..my 4 year old and I watch it over and over

Denny - July 24, 2009

My son of 3 yo too…is a very torture;)

13. Annalisa de Vries - January 1, 2007

finally a movie with a great lesson and without all the trash! We love all the details and different personalities!

14. Kate - January 1, 2007

Kenny G? Thank you. I was going to ask the same question!

15. macattak - January 6, 2007

I would like to know what the bluegrass song is that’s playing while Doc is racing alone in the desert while McQueen watches. Any ideas?

16. ~*Shaqnus*~ - January 9, 2007

I was just trying to find out the same thing. That song isn’t listed on anything I’ve found and it’s not in the credits for the movie but I want to now what it is as well.

17. Ron - January 9, 2007

It’s part of the Randy Newman score for “Cars.” The only compositions on the soundtrack that I know of that sound like bluegrass are portions of “New Road,” “Tractor Tipping” and “McQueen and Sally.” It’s all in the “Cars soundtrack,” along with the popular tunes by Sheryl Crow, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Chuck Berry and Hank Williams.

18. HAREB - January 17, 2007


19. ~*Shaqnus*~ - January 17, 2007

This song that I want to know is not on the soundtrack. There are several songs in the movie that aren’t listed on anything.

20. jim kurz - February 1, 2007

Did you ever find out about that bluegrass song? I have been trying to find out, too. Please let me know if you do

21. Monk - February 11, 2007

whats the song that Mac (truck) falls asleep to on the road?

22. colly - February 16, 2007

hey i want to know the same thing as monk what is that song called with the saxophone that mack falls asleep to

23. Candy (not real name) - March 6, 2007

It’s Songbird by Kenny G. Btw, the song DJ is playing before that bit is called Rollin’ In The Rearview, and I think it’s by Jabu Jabu. Just thought I’d clear that up for everyone. (Those punk cars RULE! Wingo is my favourite. ^_^)

Anonymous - January 4, 2010

hey mate……really appreciate your job…i was finding the song name like hell…..once again thanks….cheers mate…



24. Angel - March 28, 2007

HELLO!!! I am desperate!!!! I need to know the song that plays after the movie is finished…it’s a low song and I think is a woman that sings it…it’s def. countryish…??!! PLEASE…if anyone knows let me know!! No I don’t have the movie…But, even if I did…I wouldnt know who is singing that. I have looked all over for it. PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you so much

25. Sioe Ling - April 1, 2007

Why?several songs in Cars aren’t listed in Cars soundtrack? Can you (Ron) please explain to me and other Cars Soundtrack fans? The song that Wingo, Boost, DJ and SnotRod action is cool. Thanks to Joe and Candy. Hmm,Rollin in the rearview by Jabu…I’m gonna to find out.. Hello..(oops..it sounds like Sally’s words).

26. Ron - April 1, 2007

I don’t why they didn’t put all of the songs on the soundtrack CD. But it’s actually common practice to not put everything from a film onto an album. Sometimes the record company holds a few back for a possible “sequel” soundtrack CD.

27. marc - May 20, 2007

does anyone know were to download the song “rollin’ in the Rear veiw” by Jabu…… the myspace page doesnt let u take it off…….would be a great help.thanks.

28. Hamp - May 23, 2007

The song Mack fell asleep to is ‘Songbird’ by Kenny G., not ‘Going Home’! Get the facts before putting them out!

29. Teresa Tucker - May 28, 2007

The movie is wonderful. I am now entrenched in Route 66 history.

30. JABU smith-freeman - June 26, 2007

hey whats up yall this is JABU. its amazing to see how many people heard that short piece of “rollin… come by and check my band out sometime. OZOMATLI.com or ozomatli@myspace. thanks for the questions…JABU!

31. Bb - July 6, 2007

yaaaaaayyyy mor Cars-freaks!!!!!!! lol!!!! LMQ ROX!!!!!!!!

32. YX2880 - August 27, 2007

Kenny G Is One Of The Greatest Saxophonests EVER!!!! Im A Huge Fan Of Smooth Jazz.

33. Dr. Shane - November 26, 2007

My children and I have watched this movie over 50 times and we still enjoy it! The one-liners, moral, and storyline are fabulous. One of my sons, a 4 yr. old, is a “cars” fanatic. We’ve memorized so many of the lines of this movie–just for fun. Then the Matchbox character cars are a blast to play around with–available at Wal-Mart and online. Pixar has done a marvelous job with many of the movies. Thanks for such great family entertainment.

34. Anonymous - January 11, 2008

does anyone know the name of the first song that they played in the movie?

35. Ron - January 12, 2008

It’s “Real Gone,” by Sheryl Crow.

36. Ariseko - January 12, 2008

I want the detail lyrics of all songs.
Please sent to my email adress.

37. Hugo - May 8, 2008

To all of you who want to DL headbone “rollin in the rearview” played by DJ before snoozing Mack with Kenny G, click down here:



38. Ricardo - May 17, 2008

someone there can tell me who sings that beautiful music, I think the name is McQueen and Sally, it show the past of Radiator Springs
And, sorry the english mistakes, cause i’m portuguese and i’m learning yet.

39. Fakeer - May 28, 2008

i have the mp3 of the score those delinquent cars were riding to. Rollin In The Rearview by Headbone. email if you want a copy. and remember ‘never drive while drowsy’

40. trq - May 31, 2008

“rollin in the rearview” by jabu —- This is used to intro the DRH cars… boost, DJ etc… hosted the file on rapidshare… had to decode this to mp3 from flv of youtube.. neways worth it.. n yeah the link : http://rapidshare.com/files/119226123/Rolin_In_The_Rearview.mp3

41. Katty - June 6, 2008

mater loove :))

42. warlock - July 2, 2008

hey guys where do i download the song rollin in the rearview headbone ft jabu the links u guys gave are all broken -_-

43. Denise - October 17, 2008

did you ever get all the lyrics to the Cars movie? I am looking for them myself! Thanks

44. Does the name really matter? - November 7, 2008

Can anyone give me the Rap song when the Street racers pull up? I need that song!

45. Sham - April 4, 2009

Was 1 gr8 movie. I watch it again and again and again……Those with racing passion will love it. It’s not just winning, it’s also to respect the other race mates. The song “Find yourself” from Brad Paisley has lot’s of meaning and it’s a soul searching song for us…..

46. ac - May 17, 2009

can you help me i don’t know where to get the cd do you know where i can find it?

47. dude - June 15, 2009

what was the song that was played when lightnin and sally were gonna go for a stroll but then the old lady (vehicle) butted in.it is acapella and thats all i know

48. blair - June 17, 2009

Cars cars cars cars I’ve seen it atleast 150 times and I could never get sick of it. My 1 year old is def a fanatic and my husband and I laugh at every part. Go mater

49. Denny - July 24, 2009

Can someone tell me what is the song played in the moment which all cars dancing in the new road inthe night…when all neon light turned on…i hear something like “light could be dream” in 60’s style…

Please if anybody know tell me the title

Ron - July 24, 2009

It’s “Sh-Boom,” by the The Chords.

Denny - July 24, 2009

Great mate, was in the soundtrack lol, me fool…anyways thanks:)

50. Denny - July 24, 2009

A strange thing…when mcqueen jump out of the truck sleeping and touch the highway, the first 2 cars which surpass him are the couple of minivan, losted visitors of radiator springs….

51. emie - October 13, 2009

Where I can download Cars Soundtracks?

52. Alex Gonçalves - February 22, 2010

I’m from Brazil and I need help.

What was the rap song (name & artist) the modded cars were playing when racing down the free way?


Philip - August 1, 2010

The rap song is (Rollin In TheRearview by Headbone ft. Jabu), no need to thank me budd.

53. Gina - March 27, 2010

Anyone know the song played during the dinoco dream sequences?

54. Philip - August 1, 2010

Anyone know the rap song played during the trip to california?

55. bontch - August 14, 2010

To all that are looking for the rap song by the mod cars on the trip to CA, check out response #40 by trq. Downloadable link is posted and very helpful. Thanks!

56. BobD - November 27, 2010

GREAT MOVIE. I watched it for about the 10th time tonite and never get tired of it.

57. Rahul - June 11, 2011

I like this realy awesome

58. mads jensen - October 16, 2011

the song dj playing is Rollin’ in the Rearview

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