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Sad end to The Java Stop January 1, 2012

Posted by Ron Warnick in Businesses, Restaurants.

One of the eye-catching businesses along Route 66 in Dwight, Ill., in recent years was The Java Stop coffee stand, which used two rail containers stacked on top of each other and a fancy paint job.

The Java Stop was so striking that an architectural firm honored it for its design.

However, Java Stop was barely open for two years when it closed in mid-2009.

Now, Alan Denton encountered this sight recently when traveling Route 66:

The business apparently is being dismantled. Rail containers boast a lot of uses; these probably will find a more-mundane life as storage units.

I remained hopeful that someone would buy the business and revive it. But that doesn’t appear it’s going to happen.

(Photos courtesy of Travis Good and Alan Denton)


1. Rick Martin - January 1, 2012

Sad. We always enjoyed stopping for a cup of coffee when we went by there.

2. Deb Owens - January 1, 2012

How very sad. I just love the inventive places to put a drive thru espresso stand and it is so very sad when these wonderful little businesses fade away with our current economy. Many stands just move to show up again somewhere else. Is there any way to find out about this one?

3. DynoDave - January 1, 2012

We just came through Dwight today, and I was pointing out to my wife/kids that the building was gone. Sorry to see it won’t be making a comeback.

4. annabavido - January 3, 2012

I wonder why it shut down.😦

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