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About me

I'm based in Tulsa, Okla., where I'm involved in the Oklahoma Route 66 Association and hold memberships in several other state Route 66 organizations. My wife and I have participated in Route 66 preservation projects from northern Illinois to the Texas Panhandle. I've driven the road's full 2,200-mile length at least three times, and have explored other stretches of the Mother Road more times than I can remember. Through my many contacts on Route 66, I'm going to try to put as much fresh material on this blog as possible.

If you need to contact me, e-mail: route66news (at) yahoo (dot) com

Also, a clarification: Some have wrongly assumed that other prominent Route 66ers that I'm friends with also run this site. Yes, I do get help in getting news from others. But this is my site, and any opinions you read are mine and no one else's unless otherwise noted. Others with differing and reasonable opinions are welcome to chime in with the comments section.


1. Red Fork Hippie Chick » The Real Dirt on Farmer John - January 23, 2006

[…] I have an interesting link for you, courtesy of Ron. […]

2. Red Fork Hippie Chick » Counting my blessings - January 24, 2006

[…] 3. Ron. And mushrooms. When I got home from work, Ron made me dinner — a big plate of sauteed mushrooms and a baked potato. Yummy. He makes the best mushrooms. […]

3. Anonymous - May 20, 2006

I understand there’s a high school all-star football game to be played in Stroud on May 27th… the Inaugural Route 66 All Star Classic.
Hope it gets some coverage here! I plan on covering it for a small Northern Oklahoma newspaper. I’ll be glad to fill you in if you’d like….

4. Ron - May 21, 2006

E-mail me more information about the event, anonymous, and I’ll consider it.

5. Joe Loesch - June 15, 2006

Ron, I stumbled onto your blog last evening and was surpised and pleased to find all sorts of useful information on the road we all love! Thank you for doing this. I traveled Route 66 with my family during the 50’s and early 60’s back forth between LA and St. Louis. Recently my buddy and I traveled the entire route. Please have a look at our adventure at, http://www.route66roadtrip.biz

Again, thanks for your contribution to keeping The Mother Road alive!

Joe Loesch

6. Greg - July 2, 2006

Anyone have info on Roy’s Motel in Amboy? It was recently purchased and I am wondering if any repairs have been started. I have seen pictures from August of 2005 that showed Roy’s in a somewhat sad and falling apart state. If anyone has info on whats been going on at Roy’s (if anything) since August, please post on this site or please email me at my address below. Thank you!! Greg

7. Ron - July 3, 2006

It’s my understanding that repairs have been going slowly, but progressing. One of the priorities is to get the gas pumps and cafe area working again, but it’s been a slow go until water service is restored. I’m going to call Albert Okura in the next few weeks and get an update.

8. Raphael & Bernard - July 8, 2006

Hi !

We are two french guys and we drove all the way from Chicago to LA through route 66 last year !
We’ve made a website about our trip !
Please, visit it and add it to the list if you like it : http://lesgarcons.free.fr/Route66/

Raphaël & Bernard

9. Alan J. McNeil - July 16, 2006

Ron, your links, photos, and articles on the Triangle Restoration are fabulous. I am so disappointed the
Triangle is no longer listed on your blog menus. Will
people scroll down to find it, or think it’s already
been taken off? We’ve emailed across the country to
tell people about it.
Two people have sent copies to us of their emails
to John Kanelis at the Amarillo Globe News. Hope that
there will be many more. One made a reservatoin for
August of 2007! How about that?
Many many thanks for your help.

10. Ron - July 16, 2006

Alan, the Triangle story left the front page simply because other stories came after it. But it’s still in the archives and shows up on search engines. To find it when you’re on Route 66 News, simply find the “Search” function, type in “Triangle Motel” and you should find it.

11. Mitchell Koester - July 18, 2006

Apache Motel:
We came through New Mexico yesterday(7/17/06) on our way back to Memphis and happened to park at the Apache Motel for coffee next door. The motel has the room’s funriture for sale outside in the parking lot. We didn’t look it over and don’t know what this means for the hotel’s future but I just wanted to let you know. I took a picture of the motel with my cell phone, it came out pretty decent if you’re interested in having the pic.

Would be very interested in being on your mailing list,

12. Jason - July 30, 2006

Hello. I would like to say, I think you have a great site this is dedicated to a Highway. I dont know much about Route 66 but I have seen it in Cars, so that is much about I know about this road.

13. Willi - July 31, 2006

Great site about Route 66.

We are two Swedes, a father and his son, that will travel the legendary Route 66 in August and September.

We will travel in our red 1965 Volvo PV, now converted into a cabriolet Hot Rod.

See pictures, info and blog on http://hanssonroute66.blogspot.com

14. Domenic Donato - August 4, 2006

I was channel hopping and I came across your travel along Route 66. Very interesting. However, Ithere is somethinbg that I wanted to ask you about. I noticed that in the background of a picture of your mother, the word “Vulcania” was written. Is this the name of a ship? i came top canada in September of 1956 from Italy on a ship with the same name. Can this be the same ship? I missed if you mentioned that your mother came over in a ship. Can yo please let me know?


15. Ken Cooke - August 4, 2006

This fall, 5 pre-war Austin Sevens from the UK will be driven the length of Route 66 from Chicargo to LA. We leave Chicago on the 3rd of September and plan to arrive at LA by the 21st.
If you email me I will send the full itinerary and a press release.
We will be happy to meet fellow enthusiasts ‘en route’.
Ken Cooke

16. Mike Borntrager - August 15, 2006

Are you aware of a movement that would actually legitimize Route 66 by bringing it back as an official U.S. Highway again? Do you have any news on that? It seems to me like I saw that somewheres but I can’t remember where I seen it now.

17. Ron - August 15, 2006

Nothing’s going to happen about redesignating Route 66 as a U.S. highway. All of the state associations and prominent Route 66 people are against it because redesignating it would require the old highway to conform to U.S. highway standards. This would necessitate tearing down old bridges, reconstructing roadways and razing historic businesses that would be too close to the highway.

There are a few individuals who’ve tried to tout this redesignating idea. But they are a tiny minority of the Route 66 community who haven’t yet grasped the consequences of bringing back U.S. 66.

Instead, most of the states are working on making Route 66 a national scenic byway. Just about every state has already done this or is working toward this goal, except Texas. And we hope to have Texas on board with this eventually.

18. Patricia Arrigoni - September 12, 2006

Hi Ron,
WOW! Thanks for the review of our new DVD, “Old-Fashioned Fun on Route 66.” I think you did a fabulous job and I appreciate it so much. I just talked to Tom Caudle and he said he knew you and your wife and provided a sample. We will be back in Illinois for the Springfield festival. Also enjoyed reading about the preservations of barns in Illinois. You might remember the corn crib in the DVD at my farm that really needs restoration. Everyone wants to tear it down but I’m holding out to try and get some help with it. Incidentally, a man bought a copy at the Springfield Featival and took it back to the Smithsonian. they were interested so I donated a copy and am thrilled now to be in the Smithsonian Institute. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR KIND WORDS! This project was a labor of love.

19. Victoria Clark - September 18, 2006

Hi Ron, I’m Victoria in Sedona. I took a number of pictures last summer of the vintage gas stations in Holbrook AZ. I’m especially interested in the station with posts made to like petrified forest logs. Last summer the only activity I saw there was a man selling hay out of his truck parked in front. Does anyone out there know of any gas station restorations in progress along Route 66 or otherwise in Airzona? Has there been a deadline to tear down stations mandated by the ADEQ in AZ? Thanks for the information on your site.

20. Elizabeth - November 23, 2006

Route 66is a great song!!!!!!!!!!

21. Patricia Anderson - November 30, 2006

Have you seen the rootbeer named after Route 66? Of course, Root 66.😉

22. Giorgia Palmas - December 2, 2006

Interessando, luogo abbastanza luminoso, penso +5

23. vivy - January 2, 2007

u.r grate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
strut is a cooooooooool song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24. vivy - January 2, 2007

route 66 too!!!!!!!!!!

25. dan - January 22, 2007

I am 42, married, with a 5 yr and 3 1/2 yr old. Want to take the family on the whole tour of Rt. 66 for a 30 day family vacation. We are going to rent a class A motorhome. Any suggestions on stops, sights, motorhome stopovers, restaurant’s, do not miss items etc. etc. ???

and any don’ts ???


26. Jim - February 10, 2007

I happened across your site when looking for motels in the Collins, MO area. I have an aunt that lives there, and we’re getting together for a mini family reunion, and may have to check out the Weaubleau Motel.


27. Steve Simpson - February 27, 2007

Hi Ron,

I have booked a trip on a Harley along Route 66 with Eaglerider later this year. Whilst planning my holiday I found your site. It’s great, just what I need to help me find out about what I might see on my ride along the Mother Road. Your pages also give a good insight to the people and their way of life on America’s Main Street. The regular and informative updates also allow me to feel a bit more than just a tourist and help fill the long wait until I my visit. Thanks for the resource you provide.

Steve Simpson.

28. Jill Carpenter - March 1, 2007

A really HUGE THANKS to Emily for the great resource of “Route 66 for Kids.” I am a teacher in Michigan and this year my Middle School cognitively impaired kids and I are “walking” Route 66 from east to west–combining history, health, math, geography, and anything else I can throw in and find along the route (pun intended!) We are just about to cross into Kansas. I just stumbled across your blog and Emily’s resources (coloring pages and book)–what a find! It will make lesson plans much easier:-) THANKS again.

29. Steve Simpson - March 7, 2007

Hi Ron,

Looking on your ‘Attractions’ page I couldn’t help but notice you having nothing listed in Kansas. I know there are only 12.8 miles of Route 66 in Kansas but surely there are sights to see in Galena and Riverton for example? It just seems a shame that ALL of the eight states aren’t represented.

Steve Simpson

30. Dennis Hellebusch - March 7, 2007

Could you please post the Rt 66 Car Club show on Fathers Dat in St. Clair, MO.

June 17, 2007
Fathers Day Car Show in Orchard Park
Time: Reg. 8:00 A.M.-12 Noon
Sponsor: Route 66 Car Club
Location: Orchard Park, South Service Road, I 44 @ Exit 240 St. Clair, MO
Details: 29 Classes Open to American Made Stock or Modified cars & trucks up to 1989
3 Awards per class, plus special awards.
One entrant will win a Craftsman tool box with a 240 piece tool set.
Registration 8:00 A.M. till 12 Noon.
Free Swap Meet–Free Vendor Space
I 44 Exit 240 @ Hwy. 47 to the South Service Road St. Clair, MO
Information- Call Steve Cook at 636-629-5445 or call 636-458-6729
Cost: $15 Entry Fee-$10 Display-$5 Teen- Free Spectator

31. Ron - March 7, 2007

Steve, when I first started the site 18 months ago, I searched and searched for Web sites along Route 66 in Kansas. Save for a few B&Bs and restaurants (which are in the Restaurants and Lodging sections), that’s all I found.

However, your point is well-taken. Perhaps some new Web sites of the Rainbow Bridge or the Galena Museum have been launched or will be soon. Let’s hope.

32. Norma Lowrey - March 10, 2007

Hello Ron,
Just discovered your website and love it. I traveled Route 66 many years ago at the age of 13 or 14. Now, my husband and I (thanks to a suggestion from our daughter) plan on doing the entire route in June. She suggested we should do this while we are 66 years of age. So June is the last month we will both be 66. I will be checking your site for as much information as I can get before we go, so many thanks.

33. Dr. Detlev Henschel - April 2, 2007

Walking Route66

we love „America’s Mother Road” so we WALK it, if you want to learn more please have a look at http://www.detlev-henschel.com , diary lots of pix and PODcast later on.
Sunny days and you might see us walking along the road.
Katrin & Detlev
Ps. Tell everbody

34. Marianne McNeil Logan - April 10, 2007

Ron, thanks for offering to post notices of happenings on the way to the huge 2007 Rt 66 Anniversary in Clinton. We’re having one.
We plan to have a Cowboy Poetry Progam at the Triangle Motel in Amarillo on Wednesday night, June 20th, starting at 7:30. It’s 7954 Amarillo Blvd E at the east end of town. The motel won’t be open yet. There’s a lot of restoration yet to be done, but that magnificent courtyard is ideal for the program.
And many people on the road might be interested in seeing the condemned historical site and how we’re doing on it since you’ve mentioned it several times. We now have the Structural Engineer’s approval to proceed, signed and sealed, delivered to the city, and that’s a mighty important hurdle. Yu’all drop in!
Incidentally, where’s Emily’s book “Route 66 for Kids”? I thought it would be listed here to download. Would like to get it for my gkids.

35. virginia Mccrary - May 13, 2007

Ron.Please would you make a note.We have changed our website .We also have changed our Apple Dumplins to the real old fashion style.Hope you can drop by and check us out again.



Thanks so very much

36. Anonymous - June 2, 2007

Walter “Doc” Mason is dead at Clinton, Ok.
No further details at this time.
He was a grand fellow and I will miss him.

37. Pat Bonham - June 25, 2007

California Historic Post Office on Route 66 in Oro Grande is up for sale for $299.000 or submit offer. It is located on 3.3 acres on National Trails Highway and is zoned for Commercial/Industrial use. It can be restored as a residential home, a store, etc. It also has a 2000 sq ft metal building in the back of the parcel that is being rented out for additional income. Hopefully someone would be interested in purchasing and restoring this lovely building before it vanishes. The same lot also had the first Oro Grande school house which was built during the gold rush in the late 1800’s. It was a two room building and had a small cabin next door that was known as the “Teacherage”, where the school master was allowed to reside. Unfortunately the caretaker currently living on this property tore the school buildings down, not knowing their importance for the History of Route 66. If anyone is interested or can help save this building please email me at Oakhillsrealtor@yahoo.com. I have current pictures and information. Thanks!

38. Steph Mineart - July 11, 2007

We just finished up a complete Route 66 Trip with 20 New Beetles and had a great time. Here are my photos….


39. Joaquín Alonso - July 15, 2007

Hi Ron. My name is Joaquin Alonso and I´m from México City. I have a 19-months-old son who loves Cars, the Pixar´s movie, as much as myself. I never had heard about route 66 until I watched that nostalgic movie so I´m interested in some issues about it. I haven´t red enough about your website so I want to ask you if you have writen anything about what car are the Cars´characters. For instance, I know Ramone is a Chevy Impala, and Filmore is a VW Microbus, but… What car is Chief, or Flo, or Chick Hicks? I´d love to know it.
Cars is not just a tribute to Route 66. It is a whole tribute to automotive industry, including motorsports, american, european and asian cars, workers, tourists and many people involved in motor industry. Thanks for your website.

40. Anonymous - July 27, 2007

I was just wondering in what year did route 66 start and where? I know that i was on highway 66 so how started it??

41. Michael Lund - August 2, 2007

I have made my first book in the Route 66 Novel Series available as a free audio download through Podiobooks.com. Those who enjoy traveling the Mother Road–but who have also moved on to the digital age–can enjoy listening to “Growing Up on Route 66” in eight installments, each 45-60 minutes in length. “Missouri Life” praises this novel’s “funny stories of adolescence in the 1950’s.” And “Route 66 Magazine” has said, “Lund’s characters . . . bring this fascinating and beautiful part of the country to life.”

42. Mark Pozzi - September 28, 2007

I thought you’d find it interesting that upon a recent visit to the Belaggio Hotel in Las Vegas, I found the atrium dedicated to a display of Route 66. The hotel features many different themes in their famous atrium, located near their lobby that range from seasons, holidays and special events.

I was delighted to find the Mother Road highlighted from an old Corvette and hot air balloons to lemonade stands surrounded by state specific trees and flowers. All of the states represented had a plaque describing their claim to fame and along with a brief history.

I don’t know how long this will stay until replaced by another theme, but if you get a chance to visit, you can enjoy a brief journey to the place that is the heartbeat of America.

43. dwarno - September 28, 2007

Im from nz and just got back from doing rt66.absolutely amazing finally done my dream.very impressed with the attractions and the people we met along the way.The think the only thing that ready eeds done to improve it is, places like texas embracing their part of the route where they have more signage and restoration of their attractions.As far as a tourists point of veiw goes, this is the biggest part of american history which you can still experience what it wss like to live 50 years ago.It inspires people and makes you think alot about what music,fashion,style and food used to be like.i think the american govt should pump millions into it and market the route as one of its biggest tourist destinations as its so unvalued and unestimated.long live the route forever, i hope to do it again in 10 years with hopefully most of it still there.

44. Dr. Dan S. Gilliam, Sr. - October 13, 2007

Please note that the old Jesse’s Cafe in Wildorado, TX has reopened!
Dr. Dan and Suzi Gilliam opened Suzi’s Que in June of 2007 and specialize in pulled pork BBQ, chicken fried steaks, and home-made pies. Open Tue – Fri 10 AM to 8 PM and weekends from 7 AM to 8 PM. Truck and RV Parking. South service road of I-40, exit 49 along the pathway of Rt 66. Truckers and busy soccer moms can call ahead to have orders waiting. Thanks for spreading the word

45. Dr. Dan S. Gilliam, Sr. - October 13, 2007

Continuation of message 44. Thanks for spreading the word about Suzi’s Que in Wildorado. Phone 806-426-0099

46. HipHamp - October 18, 2007

The best site yet on Historic Route 66. Very nice Site. Thanks for the entertaining look at Route 66. I haven’t seen anything about Chili Willy’s in Baxter Spring’s Ks. Very nice, small, original diner. That also serves great home cooked foods. There best customer is me.

47. v.mccrary - October 18, 2007

47.Gin’s Apple Dumplin Restaraunt
This place is awesome ,home style fixin’s.hwy 66 ,1 blk north of Blue Whale in Catoosa Okla.918-266-4414
thanks ya al.

48. Country Girl - October 25, 2007

Ron – here’s a thought – there are several motels on Route 66 on the edge of Tulsa and Sapulpa near Town West that are havens for sex offenders – maybe the Route 66 travelers should be aware of that so they don’t rent a room at any of them?… Some time back, one of the offenders staying there actually kidnapped a woman from a hospital parking lot and took her back there and raped her. Maybe these places don’t rent to the public?… I haven’t checked but it is a safety issue there right on Route 66. And these are the old motor court style motels with the neon lights and everything so I could see Route 66 travelers migrating towards them….

49. Ron - October 26, 2007

Country Girl, I’m not going to give a warning for reasons I’m about to describe.

1) I already have a list of recommended Route 66 motels on the Web site, on the Lodging page. It’s easier and less time-consuming to tell about the consistently good places.

2) Random crime can occur anywhere, including the best spots on the Mother Road. With that in mind, I’ve found no real evidence that the Town West Motels are particularly dangerous.

3) It’s come to my attention that many of registered sex offenders are convicted of nonviolent crimes. The state of Oklahoma”s sex offender laws do not distinguish between rape and a tipsy imbiber who’s busted for urinating in public.

4) Registered sex offenders who are out of jail are on probation, and have incentive to be on their best law-abiding behavior.

5) The Town West sex-offender situation probably will be moot in a month or so. The city of Sapulpa built a park near those motels, and state law dictates that those offenders will probably have to move, barring any last-minute court action.

The basic rule for choosing an unfamiliar Route 66 motel applies no matter where you are. Ask for a room inspection before paying for it. If the motel manager refuses, or if the inspection reveals troubling things, go elsewhere.

50. Country Girl - October 26, 2007

Points well taken on motel safety. Your advice is very excellent.

Forgive the panic button comment. I’m a woman with a deployed husband and finding myself traveling alone with my daughter and it freaked me out when I learned of this. Made me wonder with the sex offender laws and rules how many are being forced into accomodation situations like this and mingling with unsuspecting travelers. Shamefully, a B rated horror show began running through my mind immediately compounded by the Halloween season fraught with ghoulish drama.

Feel free to delete my comment(s) including this one – now that I’ve gotten past jerk knee reaction, I feel rather silly.

51. sandy penny - November 19, 2007

Hi, I’m Sandy Penny. My friend Ron Chavez is a poet and author with a new book coming out with stories of the indomitable spirit of the people who live along route 66. The book is “A Time of Triumph.” Ron Chavez used to own the Club Cafe in Santa Rosa NM and was know for his Fat Man signs, and he was called The Route 66 Storyteller. It was big news when his business failed when the highway bypassed him and McDonald’s hit town, but his indomitable spirit kept telling the stories of Route 66, and like the mythical phoenix, he has risen from the ashes of that trial. His book of stories about the people he met along the Mother Road is a testament to the strength of the human spirit of the people living in the remote areas that 66 passes through. Could you share his blog sites and info with others? He’s determined to keep 66 alive in the hearts of America. Thanks.

52. Joan - November 22, 2007

I am looking for the bumber stickers that were in the antique store ‘Radiator Springs Curio’ in the movie “Cars”…”Get your Kicks on Route 66”, “I’m not Speeding, I’m Qualifying” among others and the ones on George Carlin’s van.
Anyone know where to purchase them?

53. Joe - December 13, 2007

I’m looking for Dan Imming of Galena, Kansas who may be the person who had the website http://www.vintage-vee.com that is no longer accessible.
The website was for old Formula Vee race cars. He posted an article about a race in Watkins Glen.
Thank you

54. bringthelight - January 9, 2008

Hi, i’m Davide from Italy. I’m writing you because i’d like to present you my blog that as more or less the same aim of your. As i told you i live in italy but i’ve been three times in usa and i’ve seen 25 states. In my blog i write my experience and i give the possibility to the user to came in contact with me. I’d like you and your visitor to take a look and to told your / their opinion about my work….For me it would be great to know some usa people….
the address of the blog is the following


I hope you would find it interesting
Thank you!

55. Dan Imming - January 16, 2008

This is for “Joe” looking for me, Dan Imming.

Yes, I do live on Route 66 in Galena, KS and yes, I used to race and document vintage Formula Vee race cars. If you’ll leave your e-mail address in another post, I’ll contact you by private message.

Dan Imming

56. Renee Charles - January 17, 2008

galena Ron,

Hi its Renee with 4 Women on the Route. Galena,Ks does have several web sites…not only ours but the Galena school district , the
Galena Library which has an excellent geneology department,and The Galena Sentinal Times. And we are just busting out with history. Hope to see you again out our place soon.

57. Raewyn Breman - January 28, 2008

Hi, My husband and I are keen to do a tour of route 66. I was looking on your web site and seen you do these tours. We would be flying from New Zealand to LAX, but we would fly out of LAX to New Zealand as we would like to stay in LA tgo visit a friewnd before departing for home. Can you please give me a pricing schedule for a bus tour from Chicargo to LA. We would probably be looking this around June/July 2008.

I look forwrd to your reply and any assistance you could giove us to acheive our goal.

Many thanks

58. Ron - January 28, 2008

Raewyn, I don’t do Route 66 bus tours, nor have I ever. If you check with travel agencies, they might help you.

59. Ray Chan - February 17, 2008

Hey there .. I am the webmaster of the site devoted to the pop band Christie, who had a worldwide hit in 1970 called San Bernadino. After a massive campaign by the SB council, the song has been adopted as the city’s official song. Plans are underway for the writer, Jeff Christie, to have a road named after him, and I believe someone suggested Jeff be brought in one year to kick off the Route 66 celebrations.
There are also several clips of Christie singing San Bernadino at:
Note that Christie is NOT related to Tony Christie, who sang Amarillo.

60. Ellen - February 24, 2008

Check out the old Linvingston High School It is now the Pink Elephant Antique Mall its off old Rt.66 Livingston Il.

61. Ed Darrell - March 1, 2008

You’ve been tagged:


I hope a few more people come over to see what you do here. This is a site I often recommend to students, though I wish I had a lot more reasons to do it in the course of my classes (in world history, U.S. history, psychology and economics).

62. Monica - April 1, 2008

hi Adrienne and the cheetah girls!!!!!!!!!!!!i love all of you so much i wish i could see all of you in real life but i dont know where to go find you!yall dont know how much i love all of you i wish you were my sisters but anyway i am still proud because you all are my sisters in gods way i love fuego,amigas,cheetah licous christmas i love it i love how you sing and dance i wish i was in your crew!!!!!!!!please come to the orlando library as much as you can so i can come and see you my cousin said that she saw you so i wanted to see a pop-star also she got me crazy lol i want to see you so bad please read this and reply!i never in my life saw a star so i want to have a chance seeing one

63. Anonymous - April 15, 2008

Hello. I just came across your site and was very impressed by all the historic documentiation you have on Route 66 and more. Most people overlook the significance of historic highways, buildings and such and way they have affected our way of life. Thanks for the all of the insight!

64. Todd Sanders - April 22, 2008

Thanks for mentioning me on Wayne Hancock’s TULSA album. I did do the signs, as well as the cover.
My url is roadhouserelics.com, not roadsiderelics.com.
Keep up the great work!
Todd Sanders
Road House Relics

65. Virtual St. Louis » Blog Archive » A review of ‘Route 66 in St. Louis’ from the Route 66 blog - May 28, 2008

[…] Of course, it shouldn’t surprise me that there’s a blog out there dedicated to the history, lore, news and events surrounding Route 66. It’s called, simply, Route 66 News, and produced by Ron in Tulsa, Okla. […]

66. Harley and Annabelle - June 14, 2008

Ron, not only do you have a very informative Route 66 News website with great stories and photos, but also we would like to thank you for telling P.J. Lassek (of the Tulsa World) about us. It is an honor to be included in her book “Oklahoma Curiosities”

Thanks again Ron, and keep up the good work!

Your friends, Harley and Annabelle

67. Chris - August 28, 2008

Hi there,
Im an english guy planning on buying a convertable cadillac and driving route 66 in april next year from Chicago to LA. Has always been a dream of mine and would like to spend a few months slowly driving it and stopping off in places on track and off to learn and work and relax and enjoy.
I have never been to America and don’t know how hard its going to be to find a car and sort things out but it’s something I am definately going to do.
I was wondering if anyone had any tips that could help or some great places I could go to, or even any places I could help out in for some boarding.
Any comments would be much appreciated.

68. joe and ann ferreira - September 1, 2008

to ron
could you forward a gift (book) to george maharis, its something we think he may be interested in producing into a christmas movie. we respect his privacy so we won’t ask for his address but could you send us your address so we could send it to you to forward.
thanking you in advance
joe and ann ferreira

69. Ron - September 2, 2008

I’m sorry, I don’t know his mailing address.

70. Michael Hix - September 21, 2008

My name is Michael Hix and I am a co-producer/partner in the Rhythms of the Road Series that is going to be shot along ROUTE 66. The information you have posted in your acticle is incorrect. Please contact me and we will revise your “press release”

71. Jacek - September 22, 2008

Message from Poland

Hi Ron,

In 1998 I travelled from Calgary Alta through Vancouver and Seattle down to Sacramento and then across States to Chicago and next to NYC.From Seattle I took Amtrac-that was uncommon trip.
I stayed for few days in Omaha Ne,I visited company which supply me neon equipement .When I was leaving Omaha ,Kay and Len (owners) they gave me as a gift a book”Route 66 The Mother Road” by Michael Wallis.

Since that time I dream about taking trip on Route 66.
My dreams will probably come thrue next spring or summer.
I have a general plan ,but I do not want to be somewhere at 8 PM because of room reservation.

Do you think ,or do you know if we have a chance to get a space in hotels without booking ??
Sorry if my English was not correct

Many thanks for all information I found on your site

Jacek Zamojski

72. VIRGINIA MCCRARY - October 16, 2008

Gin’s Apple Dumplin Restaurant has moved to
our new address is 405 West Will Rogers Blvd.


73. Tim Hewett - November 11, 2008

Hi everyone,
I am planning to fulfill a lifetime dream next year and travel the whole of Route 66 ending up in mid-October when I want to join the Bridge School Benefit in SF.

My intention is to visit interesting sites, and, if possible, catch some of the great rock bands that dont get to the UK that often along the way, and to take around 4 weeks for the trip.

I will be travelling alone, and would prefer to stay in smaller towns and places where there is a chance to meet some of the people of your country rather than the anonymous hotels that most tourists use.

Can anyone give me any advice? useful websites? or not-to -miss places on the way?

Thank you all and maybe next September.

74. Michael Alley - November 15, 2008

Ron, First of all, I’d like to say thanks for a great site. I just discovered it after stopping in Baxter Springs, KS and getting a copy of the Route 66 Pulse from the visitor’s center there. The history on Route 66 is amazing and needs to be preserved whenever possible. This leads me to my question: What is going on with the Boots Motel in Carthage, Mo? I’ve been reading many articles about it, but nothing current. Has it sold yet? Any information from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Michael Alley, Newton, KS.

75. Bill Truxall - November 19, 2008

My wife and I are taking our 2000 Corvette on the Mother Road beginning 5 May 2009 in Chicago. We are trying to obtain all the information we can on the Rt 66 attractions – we don’t want to miss a thing. We are allocating 100 miles per day. Could you point us to some web sites that might give us updated information on the road and it’s businesses?

76. Geoff - November 21, 2008

Ron —

Greetings from Herrin. Got this in email today (Nov. 21). Probably pretty inconsequential from where you sit, but I figured I’d pass it on anyway.



WASHINGTON – U.S. Congressman Jerry Costello (D-IL) announced today that the Illinois Department of Transportation has received several Scenic Byway grants from the U.S. Department of Transportation that will benefit the 12th Congressional District.

The grants include:

· $200,000 for the Flood Memorial Plaza in Alton to commemorate the historical and natural elements of the flooding of 1993 on the Great Rivers Scenic Route.

· $136,000 for the Great Rivers Interpretive Exhibit at the Confluence Tower which is located at the entrance of the Meeting of the Great Rivers National Scenic Byway in Madison County. This marks the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

· $48,400 for the Visitor Center in Chester. This project will include the design and implementation of interpretive displays, video equipment, flagpoles and lighting.

· $60,000 to update the 1999 Great River Road Corridor Management Plan as well as produce a new map and fund a coordinator position.

· $46,528 for the implementation of the Corridor Management Plan for the Ohio River Scenic Byway. This project includes researching and mapping existing businesses along the byway to create a brochure for travelers.

· $62,000 for implementation of the Corridor Management Plan for the Historic National Road, including a marketing campaign, displays and workshops for local museums and a guidebook promoting the Historic National Road.

· $380,000 to construct several wayside exhibits on Historic Route 66.

· $60,000 for marketing, including a guidebook for the seven Illinois National Scenic Byways.

“Tourism allows us to showcase the natural and historic highlights of Southwestern and Southern Illinois,” said Costello. “These funds will help promote both tourism and economic development in our area.”

77. Dean's Restaurant Tucumcari - December 2, 2008

Dean’s Restaurant is one of those Route 66 Mom and Pop treasures that needs to be maintained, especially being situated in the struggling Tucumcari. The Restaurant was obviously one of the places to be when Tucumcari was home to 2000 rooms a night in its golden era.

The restaurant has seen better days with a slight feel of desperation both inside and outside with many of the machines and equipment broken or repaired with tape. The soft drinks vending machine is now broken so they were unable to offer any other drinks than water or coffee. But we knew we had chosen the right place when an appetizer of home made Tortilla Chips and Salsa was brought to the table. It was honestly the best Salsa we have ever tasted and that alone should of been enough to give this place a new lease of life.

Our taste buds were now buzzing so we both looked forward to our main meal. We had ordered some tacos and sopapillas which were the house speciality. Everything was home cooked American/Mexican food made fresh which had never been near a fast food pre-processed packet. We had a great feed at a reasonable price and can honestly say we had home cooked food done the Mexican way.

We felt sad on leaving that these great places are struggling to survive, with things only getting worst as the big fast food chains now attract the local youths and the tourist traffic is not enough to keep these places alive. Please support this great little place on the eastern edge of Tucumcari, right on Route 66.


78. DANIEL BUTLER - December 25, 2008


Ron - December 25, 2008
79. Taffy - February 12, 2009

Im looking up as much info on R66…and came across EZ66 GUIDE online for sale…have read up one or two comments about the book….was just wondering if anyone on this site has heard of it and what comments have they heard about the book

Many thanks

Ron - February 12, 2009

I have a copy, Taffy, and highly recommend it.

80. Taffy - February 13, 2009

Thanks Ron…..i will see if i can get a copy of it asap

Ron - February 13, 2009
81. Taffy - February 15, 2009

Thanks Ron

82. Dana and Seth - April 20, 2009

My fiancee and I are planning on taking a 10 day or so honeymoon trip along the whole of Rt. 66 in 2010. Do you know many honeymooners who have done this? And is 10 days a good number to drive along and enjoy various stops along the way?

Ron - April 20, 2009

I think 10 days will be fine. That’s an average of 220 miles a day, which is certainly doable.

83. Dana and Seth - April 21, 2009

Thanks Ron! This website is awesome and holds all the information I would ever want to know about Rt. 66!

84. Stephen M. Shutts - May 7, 2009

Hello! I just found this site. I just finished traveling parts of Rt 66 for the thousandth time it seems…and I never grow tired of the scenery and nostalgia. I am especially interested in the stretches in OK and NM. I would like to partner with an entity that might be acquiring a hotel or historic building on Rt 66. I own one of the largest Elvis and Country Music collections in the US (Stage worn clothing, personal items, instruments, awards, ephemera etc.) from Elvis, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and numerous country music stars from today. Since many of these artists have traveled this historic highway I would like to establish an “edutainment” based entity somewhere within a historic structure. I have additional ideas that could re-create the magic of the 1950’s and 1960’s with such a partnership. I have an extensive background in marketing, the music business and historic properties. Please contact me with any ideas or thoughts. Thank you for this wonderful website!

85. Ron - May 8, 2009

Stephen, are you thinking of the more-rural stretches in Oklahoma and New Mexico, or the more urban ones?

If you’re thinking the latter, I would think that Tulsa or Albuquerque would be a good fit for your museum. Both cities have plenty of historic properties on their Route 66 alignments.

Stephen M. Shutts - May 8, 2009

Hello!…yes Alb. is my favorite stretch by far…I just drove the “strip” last week…much of the cooler properties (hotels) unfortunately are in a “transitional” part of town it seems…I did not get a chance to inquire on property costs. Is there an agent that specializes in property in that vicinity? I see numerous hotels boarded up along that stretch. I dont mind the more rural locations such as a Clines Corner…but it would take the planets to line up I think to recreate an off the beaten path touristy meca (with strong business / as a destination) if you will…one that is without gambling attached. Know of any investor types with vision in those areas?…thank you! Stephen

Ron - May 8, 2009

There’s a fellow in Albuquerque by the name of Matthew Terry who owns the Aztec Motel and the De Anza Motel. I haven’t heard from him in a couple of years. But when I last heard, he was keen on helping renovate or re-adapt old motel properties on Route 66 in town. I don’t have his number, but I reckon if you call the Aztec Motel at 505-254-1742, you’ll find a manager or someone who can help you contact him.

Ron - May 8, 2009

I should also add that Tucumcari, although a bit of a small town, is a major stop on the road. Also, there are plenty of depressed-value properties that might be suitable for you.

86. Stephen M. Shutts - May 10, 2009

Hello!…thanks for the info…I will call tomorrow….yes Tucumcari is a nice place for sure…worth looking into…I need to go back out soon and take a closer look there…thank you for your time!


87. Blake Shaw - May 20, 2009

Hello Ron,

Thanks for the link on your site, but since I redesigned my website the link appears to be broken. The url below is current. The new site has two galleries of Route 66 photographs.

Sometime in the next year or so I’ll be announcing a book of fine art photography and essays on Route 66. (waiting for news from my agent…)

Thanks for the excellent site!


Ron - May 20, 2009

Link is fixed now, Blake. Thanks for letting me know, and I’d be happy to review your book when it’s published.

88. Paul Wofe - July 14, 2009

I excited to purchase the complete season three of Route 66 from Best Buy on July 14 but when I got it home i realized that only season three volume one played properly. The other four dvds labeled volume two did not work as they should on my computer player or dvd player. I went back to the store and swapped my copy for another one. The same thing happened. I am very disappointed and really don’t want my money back. I just want the complete season three in viewable condition.

89. Paul Wolfe - July 14, 2009

Anyone else having trouble with their season three Route 66 dvds besides me?

90. Paul Wolfe - July 16, 2009

I have just talked with Infinity and they are pulling all of the Route 66 season three complete dvds and has notified Best Buys of the problem. They hop to replace them in all of the stores shortly.

91. Tammy Johnson - August 13, 2009

Hello my name is Tammy Johnson. Roys cafe belonged to my Great grand father Roy Crowl. My mother’s name was Gale Crowl ccan you tell me anything about Amboy?

92. Roy Heim - August 23, 2009

Thanks for stopping by our Route 66 Transportation Village in Southwest Tulsa. The derrick was topped out on Wednesday, August 12, 2009. We plan to move in the display-restored Frisco 4500 Engine, Murray Hill Passenger Car and Drover’s Caboose to join the derrick before long. We also have plans for a vintage service station and reproduction of the old McIntyre Airport.

The Transportation Village is located next door to the future home of the Southwest Tulsa Community Chamber, Red Fork Main Street and Southwest Tulsa Historical Society offices and museum at 3820 Southwest Boulevard in Tulsa (try google streets for a quick before view). We are working with others to rebuild parts of our Historical Route 66 properties so travelers can enjoy some of our past with us.
Roy Heim, Southwest Tulsa Historical Society. http://www.SouthwestTulsa.org.

93. Sean - September 16, 2009

Good Afternoon-

Thanks for the great article on the Will Rogers event in Flagstaff. I would like to have you consider linking to the web page for our exhibit: “Route 66 in Arizona: Don’t Forget Winona!”. Visit the site at: http://library.nau.edu/speccoll/exhibits/route66/index.html

Sean Evans Archivist and Curator for the exhibit

Ron - September 16, 2009

The link has been posted here, Sean.


Thanks for letting me know about it.

94. Maria Trapani - September 21, 2009

Hi Ron,
I just came pon you website, how neat!
I, along with 2 other friends did the route from Chicago to La a few years ago, we stayed true to the road, the restaurants and lodgings, it was both fun and educational.
I am painter and have started a series of paintings from the photographs I took along the way, just finished one of the Rock Cafe’ in Stroud. I am posting these works on my blog, it would be great if you would take a look and le me know what you think.

95. PAUL WOLFE - October 22, 2009

I would like to let everyone know that i just received Route 66 complete 3rd year from Deep Discounts for $34.99. All dvds work perfectly and I am very satisfied. Oct. 23 2009.

96. maddi m korte - November 10, 2009

hello.. roding on the route spring 2010.. please send any info (brochures..etc..) to maddi m korte 1523 henley rd. troy ohio 45373 thanx maddi~~:)

Ron - November 10, 2009

Maddi, I have no brochures to send, nor will I ever. What you see on this site is what you get.

97. Bee Dub - April 22, 2010

What happened to the Route 66 roadtrip through the Bible videos that you used to post?

Ron - April 22, 2010

I usually post them as they come up. Did I miss one?

98. Roderick Eime - April 25, 2010

Hello Ron and R66 fans
Thanks for your great site, I’ve only just found it now. Hope to be heading your way soon.
Rod from Down Under

99. Frank Matson - April 28, 2010

Hi, Does anyone have information about a fire in Oatman Arizona? I think some of the historic buildings burned.
Thanks, Frank

Ron - April 28, 2010

There was a fatal fire in a residence two days ago, but it didn’t affect Oatman’s downtown area at all.

100. JoAnn Conrad - May 1, 2010

http://www.route66filmfestival.net/ dont forget to visit the film festival in Springfield , Illinois and on facebook. The festival is a great buy and you can still enter your films till mid June on ‘without a box’. hope to see some of you there! Be there or be square third weekend in September annually!

101. Bee Dub - June 14, 2010

Roadtrip through the Bible completed the Old Testament.

102. Bee Dub - June 14, 2010

Here’s where it is:

They also made a behind-the-scenes video:

103. Brian - June 19, 2010

Great site!

Have to keep rote 66 alive!

Did it two years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.

104. Pieter & Vital - August 4, 2010


We are 2 Belgian tourists travelling 66 who are very interested in motorcycles. We passed your museum today (5th of August) only to find that it was closed. Which was too bad because we realy wanted to go and take a look!

We looked inside through the windows at the bikes and the shop for quite a while. From what we could see it all looks real nice. Congratulations on a job well done!


105. glen496 - September 5, 2010

Your mystery metal object is a Spur worn on Boots looks like a souvenier for tourist.

106. warrenkeating - September 13, 2010

Love it. Thanks for this site! Keep up the great work.

107. Sara - December 6, 2010

Hi Ron! I visited the Blue Whale this evening and found out about a blog that you didn’t have listed on your sidebar. It’s catoosa.wordpress.com, it hasn’t been updated since September, but there is info on there about Catoosa, Route 66 and the Blue Whale. There’s also info on how to get in contact w/some people your readers may want to know.

Ron - December 6, 2010

I’m disinclined to include a blog that goes months between updates.

108. Marilyn in New york - March 24, 2011

I just found you today on a friends blog. I love Route 66. When I was a child my brother was station in Oklahoma and then Arizona while in the Army. My parents and I rode Route 66 to see him two years in a row. That was back in the 1950’s. My dream is to get enough money to get in my car and go the Route 66 again. I would leave to see her today. I know a lot is missing and things have changed, but just to take the ride one more time.
Keep up your good work,

109. Don Jones - May 13, 2011

Ron, Just recently found your website. The first nineteen years of my life was spent on Route 66 in Chelsea, Oklahoma. I have so many fond memories of that time when I began my work life in businesses along Route 66 that I have decided to put them in a book for my family. I am looking for any pictures anyone may have of a Mr. Gooseman who operated the Greyhound Bus Station and Texaco service station and garage there. He was an avid photographer and produced a treasure trove of Route 66 photographic history.

Eva Myrick - November 3, 2011

Hello Don, I grew up in and around Chelsea, left in 1966. Mr. Goosman’s bus station was also filled with clock’s from floor to the high ceiling. I spent many hours there with my mother as a child visiting him. The clocks were set at a slight different time so they sounded off for some time, I would love to see a book with pictures of the old bus station and his old fire truck that he drove in parades and play music. Are kin to Charles Lee Jones of Chelses?

110. L. Fleming - June 10, 2011

Hello, Ron from Route 66 North: How delightful to see your up to the minute postings from the Route 66 Festival in Amarillo. Great job in highlighting all the happenings for fellow roadies & aficionados who cannot make the trip. I can feel the excitement & taste the flavors of the road, right here from the confines of my computer screen. As Founder of the Canadian Route 66 Association, my roots on the Mother Road run deep, so please say hello to my colleagues & acquaintances who are right there with you. My heart remains on Route 66. One for the Road, Lorrie Fleming – 70 Mile House, BC CANADA

111. john Balistreri - July 23, 2011

Hello would like everyone to know that i opened up a new rt66 store in Seligman,Az called rt66 Motoporium.I really love rt66 and it’s history. hope to see some people comeing by thank you deborah balistreri at rt66 Motoporium in Seligman az

112. Julie Roberds - October 20, 2011

Hey everyone, the old Starlight Roller Rink in Sapulpa, OK just reopened as Route 66 Roller Dome! This is a great renovation project. You can check out their website at http://www.route66rollerdome.com. Hope you guys will give them a visit!

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